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Microdosing | The New Smart Drug?


Recently, while out to dinner with a few Silicon Valley Senior Management types ( Startup / Enterprise ), the question of how one could about achieving the “Limitless Effect” was brought up. Of course referring to the film Limitless, where Bradley Cooper’s character taps into his full potential by using a performance-enhancing smart drug that…

SwagSam’s First Book!


In January of 2017, I wrote down a goal to publish my first book by May 1st, 2018. On May 1st of 2018, Success with Swag(ger) my very first book was published. Honestly, this book I just completed was not the first topic I had in mind. Originally, I wanted to write a guide geared…

SWAG: Corporate Clothing 101


SWAG comes in all forms. Whether it’s in the form of swagger as in your confidence when you stroll down the street with your new branded jacket or if it’s SWAG as in the branded jacket itself. In either case SWAG or swagger keeps us happy. In the first example I think we can all…

Interviewing the CEO of 99designs in Oakland


If you haven’t heard already, I started a new Podcast called Brand Hero. This past week my episode with the CEO of 99designs, Patrick Llewellyn, went live. To hear the whole podcast, click here and you’ll be redirected to iTunes. About the Pod A platform which started from design contests among freelancers, 99Designs is now…

Highlight Episode

#18: Revolutionizing The Women’s Apparel Industry w/ Amy Wister of The Stylist Online!


Amy Wister is changing the retail terrain with her new tech development, the style dial. Through this tool, women shopping across the country will be able to take their silhouette and find the right fit in the millions of articles clothing found in stores. Through her background in Intel and headstrong attitude, Wister is a…

#17: Maximizing Productivity w/ ClickUp’s Chris Cunningham & Zeb Evans

| isn’t your ordinary productivity space. The brainchild of two Virginia natives, Chris Cunningham and Zeb Evans, the two 28-year olds are taking organization to the next level. Unlike tools like Trello, ClickUp takes all your goals, notes, agenda, and even chat messages all in one space. Through their witty marketing and persistent attitudes, they’re…


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