Brand Hero with SwagSam

#5: Meditate to Marketing with Handstands’ Charley Johnson

As Senior Vice President of Handstands Promo, Charley Johnson refuses to sink into the stereotypical role, when asked what his goals are for the company, he answered “enlightenment”. Johnson has been in the marketing scene for several years now, but to him, nothing has defined his success as well as his discovery of transcendental meditation.…

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#4: Bring Your Marketing Vision to Life w/ Patrick Llewellyn (CEO of 99Designs)

A platform which started from design contests among freelancers, 99Designs is now a global company working in 150 countries. CEO Patrick Llewellyn has expanded the start up from its beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, making 99Designs the largest marketplace for design. With clients such as DraftKings and Jagermeister, Llewllyn has created a multimillion dollar company and…

#3: Storytelling w/ SWAG legend Bobby Lehew

A legend in the promotional industry, Bobby Lehew, Chief Content Officer at commonsku, probes through the importance of storytelling in marketing. Taking inspiration from his literary obsession, Lehew creates highly acknowledged presentations which now pushes him beyond the swag business, and into marketing courses and workshops across the nation. From screen to swag, Lehew finds…

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Brand Hero #2: Bill Petrie: Content Marketing – Consistency is KING.

Bill Petrie is the President of PromoCorner; the leading digital marketing service provider for the SWAG industry. Lessons – Be Consistent with your content – Be Authentically you and what you do – Do something for 10 times then evaluate – Blogging: Have at least 5 posts ready before you start – Ask hard questions SWAG…

Brand Hero: Pilot

This is the podcast for those whom do not fast forward commercials, for the dreamer that takes pen to paper and maps out their vision, and for the people that wake up in the middle of the night with creative ambitions. Value Business Products: Family Owned OFFICE SUPPLY Company in Silicon Valley ValueBP Marketing Group:…

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